Well it’s finally 2014, and with it comes the countless calls for resolutions. Resolutions to eat better, lose weight, or stop eating gum you find on the ground.

My friend Norm (A.K.A. The Gaming Historian) and I came up with an idea for a resolution for us as gamers. It occurred to us that we own a lot of video games, many of which we have not played or completed. We was buying games at a faster rate than we were completing them! This is where we came up with my resolution for 2014: No Game New Year. So what is No Game New Year?

No Game New Year (NGNY) is a simple resolution: For the year of 2014, we will not purchase a single video game. Why? First we’ll save money. All those game purchases add up. We hope to gain a greater appreciation for the video games we currently own. We’ll learn more about the types of games we want to play. We will keep our collection to a minimum, focusing on quality, not quantity.

– You will report progress weekly. This will be a way to hold ourselves accountable, and let everyone know what we’re am playing and how we like it. You can do this by posting in our Facebook group or linking to blogs/vlogs.
– If you don’t like a game, you must GET RID OF IT. Again, the focus is on quality, so if you play a game and don’t like it, it goes. The ONLY EXCEPTION being sentimental value.
– New games can ONLY be acquired via a gift or a gift card. Because it’s kind of rude to say no.
– You may NOT rent games. This goes against saving money and completing your backlog.
– You MAY download free games given away (for PSN members or Xbox Gold).
– Pay to play games, such as MMO’s and subscriptions, are allowed if they were purchased/signed up for previous to 2014.