No Game New Year – The Mega Ultra Update


This update has been long overdue. More specifically more than three months overdue!

You’re probably wondering where have I been, followed most likely by when will I catch up on the past twelve weeks of updates? Fair enough. So let me catch you up on what’s been going on. When Norm and I first started No Game New Year, I knew it would have an affect on my gaming habits. Though I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on every aspect of my life.

Of course from the outset the most evident benefit was saving some cash. Not buying games logically meant that money would go towards other things. As the weeks have progressed, saving money has been far from the greatest benefit I’ve gained. In the span of twelve weeks my life has drastically changed.

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No Game New Year 2014

4 January, 2014 Gaming, News 1 comment


Well it’s finally 2014, and with it comes the countless calls for resolutions. Resolutions to eat better, lose weight, or stop eating gum you find on the ground.

My friend Norm (A.K.A. The Gaming Historian) and I came up with an idea for a resolution for us as gamers. It occurred to us that we own a lot of video games, many of which we have not played or completed. We was buying games at a faster rate than we were completing them! This is where we came up with my resolution for 2014: No Game New Year. So what is No Game New Year?

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An Outside Perspective: PAX Prime 2013

18 December, 2013 Gaming, News 2 comments


Two months later and I still have a small gaping hole left in my pixelated soul from PAX Prime 2013. There is something undefinably heart wrenching about walking out the doors of the Seattle Convention Center on the final day of PAX. At that moment the mental countdown until the next PAX Prime begins.

As I sat in the airport waiting for our flight home, I overheard a group of passengers regaling one another with tales of PAX Prime epicness. In the mix of voices was that of a woman named Veronica, a stately middle aged woman who didn’t fit the typical PAX attendee mold. She wasn’t a gamer. In fact she wasn’t a fan of electronics, gizmos, games, or gadgets of any kind. She was an observer who simply came along with her son and his family to find out what this thing called PAX Prime was all about.

Her perspective on the event was quite interesting. There was no fanboyism (or fanwomanism in this case). Devoid of bias, she saw PAX as a wholly different expierience than she had ever imagined. She sent us this article recounting her personal experience of PAX Prime 2013.

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Skyrim Turns 2, And I Don’t Care


11/11/11 feels like yesterday

My excitement hit eleven when I snagged the last Skyrim disk from Blockbuster. But just like Blockbuster has since faded away, so has Skyrim’s luster. I still think it’s a fun game. But two years of writing about thought-provoking indie games has taught me that Skyrim takes more than it offers.

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Pixel Appetizers: Super Time Force, Broforce, and More


Here’s three tubes of You that may whet your appetite for pixelated action satisfaction:

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Why I Stopped Playing Dust: An Elysian Tail


Dust is one of the most visually-impressive action games I’ve ever seen. And it’s made by mostly one dude. But the roots didn’t go deep enough to warrant a lasting relationship.

There might be something wrong with a combat system when you want to skip past all the enemies.

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