When NES Games & Movies Collide: The Top 3 Worst


You can’t judge an 8-bit Nintendo game by it’s cover. There’s always a gigantic gap between the aesthetics used to entice kids and the actual substance of the game itself (especially the old RPG cartridges with dragons and swordsmen and Fabio or whatever on the label). With some games, you can tell within a couple of seconds of playing where the creativity usually went: marketing for the product, and not the quality of the product itself.

One of the classic tricks was to use a franchise that had considerable marquee value. It wasn’t the quality of the game-play or the graphics that sold certain games, but the title associated with it. And just as the popularity of a film could easily encourage gamers to check out a given title, conversely, the games themselves were often used as a promotional vehicles for films.

And then, you have those films that employed the same principle: rely on the strength of a known brand to generate sales for a sub-par piece of film-making. Here’s a look at the scummiest of the scummy. Where things have gone horribly wrong in the cross-fertilization of video games and movies.

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Pixel Fusion – Ep6: The Comeback Unbounded

30 June, 2014 News, Pixel Fusion, Shows


After a long hiatus, Brian and Zach get back in the swing of things with one of the most hot topics of the last decade. That’s right, Ridge Racer Unbounded! You’ve been waiting for it, now here our thoughts on the game still on everyone’s lips. Be prepared to be blown away!

Break Lunch

Intro music: Inizio di strategia! – PinkSweets OST
Outro music: Grass Land (4th Day) – Burning Force OST

Fatherhood and The Digital Age: Growing Up Gaming

26 June, 2014 Gaming, News

Gaming Dad

Over the past few years of being a dad, I’ve experienced very little intersection between the world of gaming and the world of parenting and have remained largely separated. However, over the past few weeks, those two worlds have begun to merge. My oldest son has begun to take a greater interest in gaming. Seeing him daily grow into that while watching him learn has been fascinating. With the recent passing of Father’s Day, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to be a gamer and a dad.

What I’ve learned in this short time has had an indelible impact on who I am as a gamer, and more importantly, a father. I decided to sit down and do a video simply talking about my thoughts regarding what it means to be a dad in the digital age of gaming. At around 20 minutes, I’ll admit the video is a bit long, but I hope you’ll get something out of it whether you are a parent, gamer, or both.

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New Anime Pilot ‘Raincoat’ Crowdsource Project

23 June, 2014 Anime, Entertainment, News


A friend of mine suggested I take a gander at a Kickstarter project titled ‘Raincoat’. The premise seemed interesting enough: an anime about a twelve year old girl named Mercy Hues who fights villains by utilizing a magical color changing raincoat. Aptly enough she goes by the moniker of, you guessed it, ‘Raincoat’.

Mercy’s raincoat is empowered with certain special powers. Powers which are determined by the color of the coat and can be changed at the whim of Mercy. For example red gives the power of fire, purple gives the power of illusion, green gives the power of flight, yellow gives the power of sword, and so on and so forth. The catch is the coat’s powers are limited. Every time Mercy uses one of the coat’s colors, the color fades and slowly turns gray indicating it needs to be recharged. Overuse can cause Mercy to feel fatigued or even lose consciousness. What’s worse, if Mercy uses a color “beyond gray”, it will fade away and forever be lost.

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Mario Marathon 7 is a Go!

Mario Marathon Banner

For gamers, a post E3 Summer usually signifies a lull in gaming related content, but the folks over a Mario Marathon are gearing up for their 7th annual Mario Marathon starting Friday, June 20th.

For the past six years, the Mario Marathon crew have assembled to play through some of the most prolific Mario titles nonstop for four days giving away amazing prizes and streaming the entire event live. Since it’s inception the crew have collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars for Child’s Play and don’t show any signs of stopping.

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The Truth About Capcom’s Buyout

18 June, 2014 Gaming, News


Earlier this week Capcom announced in a press release:

“The 35th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Capcom Co., Ltd. was held today, June 16, 2014. At this meeting, the shareholders did not approve our third proposal: Renewal of Countermeasures in response to a Large-Scale Purchase of Shares of the Company (Takeover Defense).”

In laymen’s terms, if you’ve got a heap of disposable income, you could own the blue bomber along with entirety of Capcom.

Much has been written, often in dramatic an ominous language, surrounding the announcement. “Eminent takeover”, “potential threat”, and “dark times” are just a few of my favorite sensational phrases thrown about. Past the media frenzy, what does this all really mean? The truth is more simple than you may think.

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