This is why I love Japan

One of the most intriguing features of the 3DS is the included AR cards. What are AR cards? It stands for augmented reality cards. If you’re not sure what augmented reality is, it’s a camera that uses your surroundings and graphical technology to add in elements so it looks as though the 3D object is sitting right on front of you. By reading specially designed cards, games can create new objects for users to interact with.

But one creative fellow from Japan took the phrase “bigger is better” to heart.

Deathsmiles for stupid cheap

Cheap cheap cheap

Noticed this on my way home today while stopping at a local Gamestop. Both the limited edition and standard edition of Deathsmiles have received yet another priced drop. The limited edition is down to $29.99 while the standard edition is down to $19.99 putting both these games into the stupid cheap zone. This also means the used version of the standard version is just $17.99. I was lucky enough to find a sealed copy of the limited edition, as Gamestop is infamous for only having on “gutted” copy left.

For those on the fence, shame on you. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up an amazing Cave shmup for stupid cheap. This deal is in store only as it’s sold out online. I’d advise you snap a copy as it’s getting harder and harder to find by the day.

Limited edition link
Standard edition link

Naked updates from the bathtub

My legs are silky smooth

I wanted to update you the viewers about what’s going on with Substance TV and Extra Joy. Logically I thought the best place was from my bathtub of bubbles. Enjoy!

BTW: Not to worry, there is no nudity nor anything close to nudity in this video. I only do that for my *other* job.

The online co-op blues

We're on a mission from God

I can remember back in college when Erik and I would spend our Friday nights playing video games. We played everything. Though our favorite type of games were always co-op. Those titles made you work together as a team to reach a mutual goal. Sure we’d have a few good versus matches against one another, but we always came back to the loving arms of co-op.

Thanks to the wonders of the modern internet, Erik and I can still game in spite of our different area codes. We can once again play games together. There’s just one tiny problem. A void in the online gaming market: online co-op gaming. It’s shocking how difficult it is to find a good online co-op game. Erik currently owns a PS3 and Wii. He owned a 360 at one time, but when it red ringed for the umpteenth time, he gave up. Regardless, it shouldn’t be this hard to find fun online co-op games!

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Indie time: Crossfire 2

I loved that old game from the eighties

I’m probably not the best guy to get information on the latest and greatest indie games. Just not into the scene as much as others. Though I am a fan of the Xbox LIVE indie section. About a year ago I picked up a small indie game titled “Crossfire”. I thoroughly enjoyed it. For a paltry 80 points, it was well worth the money. Why I never wrote about it I’m not sure. Anyway, recently I found out they released a sequel with the clever title “Crossfire 2″.

Who is this they? “They” would be an indie developer known as Radiant Games. More importantly, what is Crossfire? Think of the visual style of Tron mixed with the arcade game play of Galaga and add a twist. That made much more sense in my head so I’ll give you the long explanation.

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Huge Thanksgiving Announcements

Turkeys eat little boys

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