Free Play: Viewtiful Joe 2

Captian Blue was such a poser

Right now, the economy pretty much sucks a big left one. And we all know about the government’s stimulus packages and other various attempts to try and ease the pain of this recession blah blah blah. Here at Substance TV, we want to do our little part, but in a different way. Both Erik and I know video games are a luxury item. It’s not the cheapest hobby, but we’re suckers for those pretty pixels. When recession hits, the old video game budget shrinks considerably.

So starting this month, Substance TV is rolling out what we call “Free Play”. Free Play is a monthly contest. Each month we’ll pick out a game and give it away for free. Now we’re not talking about some crappy throw away title. As with our reviews, we only pick the best. The Free Play for the month of August is a new sealed copy of Viewtiful Joe 2 for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Viewtiful Joe 2

How do you enter it you ask? It’s quite simple. All you have to do is post a comment in response to this article. Tell us your favorite memory of the Viewtiful Joe series, or best level, or thing you liked best about the game, or if you haven’t played it, what you think about the series in general. Long story short, if it’s a comment pertaining to Viewtiful Joe, it’s fair game. At the end of the month, we’ll randomly select one winner (and don’t worry, we’ll handle shipping as well), and send you the game.

That’s it! So get to it and stay Viewtiful.

Iron Evangelion Man

Yea, I know, these remade trailers have been done to death, but I have to say this one is pretty cool. It’s a mix of Evangelion with the Iron Man movie trailer. Add to that it actually looks like some thought was put into it by matching voice overs and onscreen action. Plus anytime you mix Evangelion with anything, it’s always better. Enjoy!


Bad Playmore BAD!

After a long stint away, I’m back.

And my timing couldn’t have been more impeccable. King of Fighter XII (12) was just released. Well, it didn’t really have a solid release date as retailers just released when they felt like it, but that’s besides the point. KOF XII was one of those games on my “SO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME OUT I SURELY WILL SOIL MYSELF BEFORE ITS’ RELEASE!” list. The videos I saw looked amazing and worthy of my hard earned cash. I mean c’mon, a totally new KOF that went back to the roots with all new HD graphics and redrawn sprites, how could this go wrong? As is the case with many things in life, sometimes the anticipation is much sweeter then the actual product. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, news and reviews of the game have been widespread. I tend to take these reviews with a grain of salt, as most of them are written by brain dead human beings whose remedial English skills and limited grasp on thought make their writings about as painful as a belt sander applied directly to my face. Not to mention their bounty of bias, and you see why I don’t tend to believe them.


I did notice one thing. Whether it was the loftiest of these writers to the lowliest of trolls, one complaint stood above them all: poor net code which produces online lag. While opinions on game play, graphics, sound, and many other things may vary from person to person, lag is lag. And in my opinion, it’s plain stupid we are still dealing with this in 2009. I’d understand it if every other fighting game was littered with lag, but that’s not the case. Many other fighting games have an impeccable net code. One of the most important aspects of any fighting game today is the net code. I know, some of you may cry foul, but this is SNK we’re talking about here. This isn’t some game company from the depths of the Amazon jungle, they’ve been doing this thing we call making games for decades. Yet making a net code without lag is beyond their capabilities it would seem. Look at a company like ArcSys: a small company who’s not been around long compared to SNK, but their newest fighter Blaz Blue has a silky smooth net code with no discernible lag almost all the time. If they can do it, why in the name of Neo Geo can’t SNK do it? SNK could have worked these bugs out and given us the fans what we deserve. Instead, SNK released a game they knew was not ready, and use SNK loyalists as the stand in beta testers. If they would have charged say $30 for the game at this state, then fine, we’ll fiddle around with it as we understand this isn’t a full price game, but this is a new $60 title we’re talking about here.

Yes, SNK has quickly announced a patch is coming (it already is available for the PS3) for the Xbox 360, but that does not mean the problem will be fixed. It just means it may or may not. Personally, I’ll wait to purchase the game until I’m sure these issues have been resolved. For my gaming money, I’d much rather pay $15 for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 with the net code from Street Fighter II Turbo HD then pay $60 for what may always be a gimped game.

SNK touts this game as the rebirth or reboot of the series, but as it’s stands, it’s more of a regression.

A fallen friend

Hey everyone, I’m back. Sorry I haven’t been around this last week, but some events have transpired in my life. I received a voice mail from a few friends last Monday morning (7/13/09). Both said they had some news about a friend of mine but would not tell me precisely what. After calling the first friend back, they gave me the news: my good friend, and old drummer of my band, had suddenly passed away. He was just 29. Needless to say, that changed my plans for last week drastically. I went to the funeral and burial on Saturday. It was good to see old faces and such a show of support and love. I caught up with our old guitarist over lunch with some friends. All in all it was a sad but also good day in some ways.

It was later found out that he died of a brain aneurysm. So although it was sudden, it wasn’t painful and it was quick. I found some small solace in that fact.

I know this is a site about video games, but it’s my only personal outlet to voice my opinions and thoughts for me and only me. I cover great games, so why not cover great people. I know that as I type this these are just simple words on a small website, but it’s the best I can do to honor this man. May you rest in peace Dale. You were a great man who I enjoyed hanging out with and will always remember playing bass as you laid down the beat. I’ll even remember watching you smoke each and every opponent in Super Punch Out.

See you on the other side buddy.

Bill Mays Fortress 2

JUST $19.99

Yet another celebrity death in recent memory. Pitchman Billy Mays passed away at the age of 50. I use the term celebrity loosely as I don’t think he qualifies as one, but for arguments sake let’s just say so. Before Billy passed on, he made maybe his most ambitious infomercial to date. Much controversy surrounds his newest “Kaboom!” infomercial. As such, the producers of the spot decided to pull it from the air just minutes after its’ first showing. The commercial vanished without a trace. Luckily for us, we at Substance TV got our hands on the master copy of the commercial. After viewing it myself half a dozen times, I can tell you this is some of Billy’s finest work. A true showing of his abilities and pitching prowess.

We wish you the best Billy.

[thanks to Jango for the clip]

Pinekast 22: METAL GEAR!


I have to admit I’ve been excited about being on this weeks Pinekast because we’re chewin’ the fat over the game of the month: Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear is a series that has been around as long as I can remember, and Metal Gear Solid was quite a turning point for the franchise. It turned it from a decent series here in the States to a system selling juggernaut. It was quite an interesting discussion as there were a few who never played the game, so they had a fresh perspective on everything. While Tenno just didn’t really care to play the game, but that’s just Tenno and we love him regardless. :)

It’s time to put on your infinite ammo bandanna and listen to Pinekast number 22.

BTW: For fans of Substance TV, some details about episode 10 and the big changes are revealed along with some other details you won’t hear about anywhere else.

P.S. Although most of what is said in this podcast is the truth, I must warn you of a lie. There are those people, who will go unnamed, who think Metal Gear Solid 2 is a bad game. Do not believe these people. They eat baby seals and use hummingbirds to inject themselves with drugs. They speak of hate and lies. Metal Gear Solid 2 is an amazing game full of love and truth and only the most evil and treacherous person would say otherwise. That is all.

Pinekast 22: Metal Gear Solid