Galileo – An incredible iPhone Kickstarter project

Here is Galileo for the iPhone. This is an already funded Kickstarter project that I think most would be interested in, whether you are an amateur photographer, professional photographer, videographer, or just a person who likes cool shit.

So what is Galileo? Basically it is an iPhone dock/charging unit that can be remotely rotated to any angle via another iOS device (i.e. an iPad or another iPhone). What is so great about this product is its multiple uses from recording video, time-lapse photography, video conferencing, baby monitoring and more! It also features a standard tri-pod mount for easy incorporation with the things you already own. If you are interested now is the time to buy. Before the project funding date ends (10 days from now) you can pick it up for $85, or if you wait till general sale it will be $130. You can gets yours by visiting their Kickstarter page and backing their project to at least $85. Check out the video to see more!

Do you plan on backing this project? Have a use for it? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. briancastleberry

    4 / 10 / 2012 11:09 pm

    It’s a pretty nifty device, though I’m not sure how practical it is. The guy rolling it under a car to see under it? Leaving it out to do time lapse photography? I was actually more impressed with the day to day stuff like video conferencing or talking to loved ones long distance.

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