Mushihimesama what now?

28. September, 2009 News 1,363 comments

Life is now complete

So quick rundown, Cave is this super sweet and sexy company who creates the most amazing shoot em ups (shmups). In fact we reviewed a shmup of theirs, ESP Galuda, in our third episode of Substance TV. The Xbox 360 has been the lucky recipient of Cave’s newest shmups. As great as this all is, shmup fanatics in the States get the shaft and are either stuck with the hefty price tag of buying an import 360 or just sitting there in sorrow and misery.

But, for some reason, the shmup gods have smiled upon us and are releasing the newest Cave shmup, Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5, region free. Meaning now we can import a copy and play it on our U.S. 360s with no problem. Cave will use the sales from this game as a barometer to gauge whether or not they will release future games region free, and maybe, just maybe releasing games stateside. So I ask, no, I beg and plead with you, pre-order this game and give it the support it deserves. Cave makes some of the best games out there, and myself and countless others would love to see more of these sweet juicy gems come our way.

Play Asia pre-order link

[source: Kotaku]

Oh, and of course ninja theft from Pineconeattack.

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