Kaskade Memory Failure – Remember Me VGMV


You ever get one of those ideas that takes hold of your brain and never lets go? No matter how hard you try to shake it, you just have to do it? This video was one such obsession.

It all started after one of my musical journeys (a.k.a. random play) in which I stumbled upon a song by the name of ‘I Remember’ by Kaskade. I know many of you have heard this song, but for me it was a revelation of sorts. It sucked me into a repeat vortex that lasted the better part of an hour.

It just so happened around the same time I was playing through Remember Me. Ever since I saw it at PAX, the concept of the game intrigued me. Possessing the ability to jack into the minds of others and alter their memories caught my attention. Then one day it hit me. After listening through ‘I Remember’ for the umpteenth time, It finally clicked. The song’s tone, melody, and lyrics perfectly paired with the setting of Remember Me. Thus began my decent into video creation madness. For the past week I’ve been working feverishly on perfecting it and finally feel it is finished.

So please enjoy my little piece of obsession turned into video creation. It’s a dedication to video games, music, and that little tick inside all of our heads that sometimes drives us down paths we never imagined. No matter how much we try to tell it to shut up.

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Sony E3 2013 Wrap Up and Impressions


Did you miss the first day of Sony’s E3 press conference? Well not to worry. We’ve taken all the bits of information and wrapped them into a tasty bite-sized snack just for you. Bon appetit!

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Pixel Fusion – Ep 4: Xbox One and Baby Brainwashing!


We make a pit stop in our digital road trip o’ gaming to talk about the newly announced Xbox One and its much debated features. Though the truth we discover about the true intentions of the Xbox One reach far beyond simply preventing used games from being played or even requiring the system to be connected to the internet.

No the code we have cracked has implications ranging from tracking women’s birthing cycles to even brainwashing our future generations! Yes indeed conspiracy theories abound in the fourth episode of Pixel Fusion. So put on your tin foil hat as we reveal the secrets of the Xbox One!

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Gunpoint: A Game of Gadget, Guns, & Greenbacks

3 June, 2013 Gaming, News, PC 68 comments


Alright I promised myself I would be good. No comparisons to games I’ve played or waxing nostalgically about pop culture references. Instead let’s simply talk about Gunpoint as its own unique beast.

Your goal in Gunpoint? Simple, steal valuable intel from buildings and get away without being caught or blown to smithereens. What sets this apart from other games such as…wait no I swore I wouldn’t compare, is the array of gadgets and abilities your character has at his disposal.

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5 App Friday – Ep.2


The “Best games for iPhone” often don’t go much further than “novel.” Their hooks don’t always foster a long-term relationship. As such, I started to blow-off mobile games.

But one game restored my faith in mobile gaming. It showed me that it’s possible to have deep mechanical substance in a short game that I can play while standing in line. I included it in today’s list.

Our list for May 31, 2013:

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Hump Day Cartoons: Back In My Day!


In an effort to prove that good cartoons are not dead, we have started on a quest to find the best little gems hiding in the cracks of the internet. We plan on presenting our findings in a fun little article called Hump Day Cartoons.

This week’s Hump Day Cartoon is going to take a slight detour from the norm. Instead of showing you a new oddball cartoon, an old forgotten classic, or an undiscovered gem, we’re going to go way, way, WAY back to Disney in the 1930′s. Yes indeed it’s time for a little reminder how it used to be done.

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