5 App Friday: Ep. 7 – Best 5 Apps of the Summer

I’m all for fascinating mobile games with robust mechanics, but Plants Versus Zombies 2 already got enough attention with its 16 million downloads. And honestly, I think these games are more fun.

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Jess Plays Proteus


Meet Jess

Josh here.

My wife, Jess, kinda hates videogames. And not just for the popular reasons (blowing humans apart, women crafted for the male gaze, and reward-loops that incite addiction). She just doesn’t like games that evoke stress. So, she doesn’t play too many of them.

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Substance TV @ PAX Prime 2013

29 August, 2013 Gaming, News No comments


The Substance TV crew is going to be rolling deep and shallow at PAX Prime 2013 8/30 through 9/2. This is also our first year attending the expo as press which means we’ll have a ton of written and video coverage this entire week into next. And for those heading to PAX, make sure to drop us a line on Twitter (@substancetv), Facebook (facebook.com/stvsocial), and of course our YouTube page.

See you there!

Say Hello To…BatFleck?


Late last night Twitter erupted at the news of Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman (or BatFleck has social coined it) in the Man of Steel sequel scheduled for next year. Being a die-hard Batman fan, I wanted to share my thoughts on this news and see what others thought.

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Need More Nicolas Cage In Left 4 Dead?

22 August, 2013 Gaming, News, PC No comments


Has your copy of Left 4 Dead been missing that special something? Well worry no more because thanks to the wonders of the internet and disposable time we now have the gift of the Nicolas Cage flashlight.

Zombies will run in fear witches will tremble in panic at the mere sight of his visage. Special thanks to Dr. RiƱoncitos’s Workshop for bringing us this little gem of oddity.

Nicolas Cage Left 4 Dead Flashlight Mod Download

Author Neil Gaiman Working On First Game

19 August, 2013 Gaming, News, PC, Portable No comments


Author Neil Gaiman has teamed up with

The Odd Gentlemen, the developers behind The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom to release his first game: “Wayward Manor”. Read more