Choose Your Words With Friends Wisely

24 May, 2014 Gaming, News


You’ve heard the worn out catchphrases before: “From the creators of…”. Maybe: “Your world will never be the same…”. And one of my personal favorites: “An experience unlike anything you’ve ever…”, yea you get the idea. Make something, find someone, get them to say some words, which in turn hopefully makes the masses run to the store in a frenzy. In the marketing world this is know as social proof or vetting.

In the gaming world the idea of social proof works just the same. Got a retro chic point and click adventure game coming out? Call up Tim Shcaffer to spout off a few kind words. Have a new gory third person action game needing a boost? Just get Cliffy B to start and end a quote with the words “Headshot” and you’ve got a guaranteed hit. Possibly. Maybe. Doubtful. Whether these quotable quotes actually drive consumers to purchase a product is not the point of this article.

So why then do I mention all of this? Because in the case of a new gaming peripheral by the name of ‘Omni’, who says it is just as important as what is said.

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The Inherhent Joys of Skill-Based Gaming

22 May, 2014 Console, Gaming, News


I think there’s a large misnomer regarding “hardcore” gamers – the idea that we’re bizarro digital masochists who love failing at everything repeatedly. See the recent wave of indie games designed as difficult experiences by forcing your own death, or even mainstream games: Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 Mode attests to some desire on the part of gamers for a more challenging experience. That’s all well and good, but the implementation of that “difficulty” remains the sticking point here.

What do we mean, then, by challenge and difficuly?. Let’s define our terms before proceeding, using the terms established by Richard Tyrell’s Critical Gaming Network. Most games test five different skills:┬ádexterity, knowledge, adaptation, reflex, and timing. Many games designed for the “core” gaming rest on the idea of dexterity, or the skill of action. What can I do in a game, and what abilities do I have? Knowledge consists of a variety of different ideas we learn through playing the game – what do I do in this circumstance? How did I deal with the previous obstacles? Generally, we categorize them into short and long-term memory, but there are surely other ways to arrange them.

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Game Collecting 101: Tools of the Trade

20 May, 2014 Arcade, Console, Gaming, News

Welcome to Game Collecting 101. In this series we will be looking at every facet of game collecting. From how to start your collection, to keeping your games in peak condition, this guide give you the tools of the trade.

Today we are going to build upon what was previously discussed in our first article (if you haven’t read it, you can check is out

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An Open Love Letter to Capcom: Alien vs Predator

17 May, 2014 Arcade, Gaming, News


Capcom, let me level with you. These last few years you’ve lost your swagger. Now I won’t get into the nitty gritty details. You and I both know you’ve let yourself go. That being said these last several months have shown me there may be hope for our retro relationship yet. First you announce the release of the Dungeons and Dragons beat em ups for the first time on American home consoles. If that wasn’t enough, you then announce DuckTales Remastered: a remake of the classic NES game. I couldn’t believe it Capcom. I mean you took the time to re-aquire the rights to both franchises just to release some of my favorite games of all time? Oh Capcom you are such a sweetheart.

But Cappy, you don’t mind if I call you that do you? Cappy there’s something which would make me even more happy than D&D or DuckTales. Something which would show your true devotion to me and just how much you care for me.

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Someone At Dropbox Loves Them Some Zelda

15 May, 2014 Console, Gaming, News

Dropbox Hearts Zelda

So the other day at work I’m setting up my Dropbox account. I had never used the service before (I’m a Google Drive kinda fella). As I was going through the help menu, I stumbled upon something rather interesting. It seems someone at Dropbox has a special place in their heart container for The Legend of Zelda.

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Galaxian 3: The Resurrection of an Arcade Legend

28 April, 2014 Arcade, Gaming, News


Anyone who’s moved an arcade machine knows it’s quite an undertaking. Driving to the location, loading it up, moving it back, and unloading it into your house can take the better part of a day. Well take that and multiply it by 2,190 and you’d have the approximate time one collector and a group of stalwart friends have put into dissembling, moving, and reassembling one of the biggest arcade games of all time: Galaxian 3.

Six years ago, an arcade enthusiast by the name of Bruno had the hair brained idea to do just that. For those not familiar with the story, you can catch up on the story here. Though a machine of this size wouldn’t exactly fit in the typical family basement. No something this momentousness would need it’s own structure. A building dubbed the “Nuno Lair V3″ was constructed to house this great gaming giant. After five years in storage, the machine has been awoken from its slumber to finally be made whole once more.

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