Pixel Appetizers: Super Time Force, Broforce, and More


Here’s three tubes of You that may whet your appetite for pixelated action satisfaction:

Hyper Light Drifter

Don’t let the hipster-rockstar status of this one turn you away from this preview. Even with only three tricks to de-Gauntletize enemy hordes, the action-satisfaction looks set to maximum.


Stallone and Schwarzenegger are raising funds for their 501c3, ‘Splosions Fer ‘Merica. Also known as Broforce. This time they’ve got fully-destructible environs, Chuck Norris, and Mr. T. I heard Signourney Weaver even shows up in her Ridley costume. You can even play the in-browser beta right now with a controller and three of your friends (granted they support the cause (and have controllers)).

Super Time Force

This one’s been on the indie buzzometer for a fat chunk of time. But this trailer actually explains what the heck is going on. It’s “single-player” looks like six junkies are slamming on an single hacked arcade box. Fortunately, it’s just run of the mill time manipulation. Times ten.

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