My magical Sunset Riders arcade trip

Bury me with my money

As many of you might know, a few weeks ago I became the proud new papa of a Neo Geo 6-slot MVS cab. And let me tell I am a happy man. Well at least I thought I was.

But down in my core, I was still empty. I knew what this feeling was. The need for a dedicated Sunset Riders arcade cab. I previously owned a Sunset Riders cab but it was originally a dedicated “King of Rings” converted to play Sunset Riders, so weaksauce.

I sold that cab in hopes of one day finding my dream dedicated machine. Well that day finally came. While lurking on Craigslist I saw a guy selling off a bunch of machines. I skimmed over the listing and the words “SUNSET RIDERS” popped off the screen. I looked at the pictures and saw it was indeed a dedicated machine! Oh happy day I thought. I hesitently sent an e-mail equiring how much he wanted. He shot back an e-mail and said he’d take $150. I squeeled like a wee school girl.

There’s was just one detail, he didn’t live in my town. He lived in someplace called Woodbine, Kansas. “WOODBINE KANSAS”, I exclamied in a voice reminecent of the old Pace commercials. I had never heard of the place. It was about an 1 hour 45 minute drive. I shot my new friend and e-mail and I told him I would be driving up either Thursday or Friday.

Now for the preparation. This was my first time making a special little trip for an arcade cab, or anything video game related for that matter.

As is always the case, you can never find a friend or family member stupi…..errr I mean kind enough to help you out when you need it most. So I thought why not simply rent a truck. Well, every truck rental place wanted $20 up front and charged at least $0.60 per mile. Add that to the refuling costs and I’m paying upwards of $250! My search led to to Home Depot. They didn’t care where you went, or how long you had it out for, or how many miles you drove. It was $19 for the first 75 minutes, and $10 for every hour after. So for 5 hours I’m looking at $56.50 for the rental plus gas making the end price closer to $100 to rent a truck.

Then there’s was the issue of finding someone to help me load it. Luckily my new arcade pal said he’d help me load it up. Score!

My brother-in-law was kind enough to let me borrow his dolly and a few rigs to tie everything down. Home Depot opened at 6 in the morning so I went in at 6:30 to go rent out the truck.

When I got there I presented my driver’s license, credit card, and proof of insurance (or at least I thought it was). I quickly found out I brought my car’s registration, not proof of insurance. So I had go back home, get it, and bring it back. Small set back. I got back the Home Depot and got the truck.

Home Depot Truck

I have to say I was pretty impressed with it. It even had a little loading bay you could drop down and take out a ramp to load stuff on a dolly. Even better. If anyone is in need of renting a truck, Home Depot’s got my seal of approval.

Almost as I start the truck, my brother-in-law, who if you’ll remember was going to let me borrow his dolly and tie downs, was having car issues and needed me to drive him into work. Eh, I guess he’s gotta get his before I gotta get mine. I swung by, picked him up, drove him to work, and got the dolly and tie ups.

Finally at about 7:45 I hit the road. Fast forward a few hours and I roll into the promised land of Woodbine, Kansas at about 10:30. The guy told me to meet him at his house on the corner of 6th and East Railway. Thing is he didn’t tell me what corner. When I actually got to the house I found out why he seemed so unspecific about the whole thing. His house WAS the only house on the corner. He wasn’t at his house or his shop across the street. Luckily this is the kind of small Leave It To Beaver town where you can mention somone’s name and they know exactly who you’re talking about, including where in the world they might be at the moment.

Finally I get in contact with the guy and he tells me to follow him up to his resturant where the machines are located. We got to the place and he turned on the machine to show me it worked and all. I have to say, she was even more gorgeous in person.

There she is in person

There was the normal wear and tear, and no plexiglass over the monitor, but for a 20 year old machine it’s understandable. Paid the guy his $150, threw it on the dolly, strapped it up, and got it in the truck.

Loaded up and ready to go

On the way back I was starving so I decided to stop by Sonic. I remember now why I hadn’t been there in awhile. Their burgers are crap. Tried some bacon, jalepeno, western peper jack, unicorn spit, ferret fur burger. It was meh. But I ate it on the hood of my big truck like a boss.

It tastes worse than it looks

When I got it home to unload the cab, I saw the bezel was missing. Oh, so that was the sound I heard on the way home. Oh well, I was going to replace it anyway. I unloaded the thing all by myself down that ramp. It was a bit scary, but somehow I got it inside the garage with no casulties.

Home sweet home

All in all I really love this thing. There are a few small issues with the screen, but I think it can be fixed. Side art for the most part is in great shape and the CP looks good as well. And now the circle is complete. Well that is until I find an Alien vs. Predator cab for $50.

For my first trip to pick up a machine, it wasn’t too bad. We’ll have to do it again. That is if my wife lets me. ^_^

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  1. Keirangarvey

    6 / 30 / 2012 8:18 pm

    hey,liked your story,well done your a  proud daddy of the brill sunset riders,just take good care of her,congrats!!!

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