The Rebirth of Atari and a New Console?

Atari Files For Bankruptcy In The United States

It seems like every game company is closing up shop these days. One of the more sad announcements has been Atari filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy in January. As one of the original video game companies, it’s a shame to see the brand fall to the wayside. Of course once a company goes into bankruptcy there’s always rumors about who will come in to gobble up the pieces and buy the assets.

In the case of Atari, an interesting candidate has thrown their hat in the ring to bring back Atari from the dead. It’s none other than Justin Barwick and the GCW Zero team (which we covered in an earlier article).

Yes indeed, the same people responsible for the new GCW Zero handheld is making a run at reviving the Atari brand via a crowdfunded project aptly titled ‘Reset Atari’. Along with bringing back Atari, they are also proposing creating the next generation of Atari consoles. This would be the first Atari console since the Atari Flashback 2 and 2+. A next-gen Atari console to compete against Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft? Sign me up!

There is also talk of licensing the Atari brand to third party developers with games, hardware and accessories. It all sounds like an interesting proposition. If the GCW Zero team is successful in their bid, it would also mean the entire library of classic Atari games would be made available on the GCW Zero. Something I’m excited about (though I may be a bit biased as I own a GCW Zero). I’ve always felt one of the areas Atari failed miserably in was leveraging their classic library so I’m curious about what new games they could create using Atari brand catalog.

We believe a new entity could be launched using smart, lean development teams and next generation hardware fit for today’s gaming environment. We want to combine the classic gaming experience of Atari with the awesome power of today’s handhelds – like the GCW.

The GCW Zero crew will be using a combination of crowdfunding and private money in hopes of buying Atari’s assets via bankruptcy procedures. If you want more information on what exactly the GCW team is going to do, and what you’ll get out of it, you can visit their crowdfunding page.

We’ll follow this story and update you as we find out more information.

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