Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Blasting onto Kickstarter

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter

When it comes to video game music composers, Chris Huelsbeck is at the top of my list. If you don’t know who this fine gent is, he’s responsible for creating the infectious tunes of Turrican.

Now almost 20 years since he released the Turrican Soundtrack, he wants to create a brand new extensive edition with all new recordings. Here’s a short rundown of this project from the man himself:

“I’d like to create a Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Limited Edition Box Set, with nearly all of the music from the Turrican Series of Games. At least 3 CDs will contain these brand new, pristine studio recordings. Even music pieces that were featured on the 1993 Turrican Soundtrack CD will be newly recorded and arranged to update their sound. Highlights will include for the first time: the whole ‘Turrican 2 Title’, ‘Credits’ (all versions), ‘Metal Stars’, ‘Tower of Morgul’, ‘Unidirectional Flight’, ‘Concerto for Laser and Enemies’ and ‘Hall of Heroes’ – all as full length recordings/arrangements.”

I’ve already put down $50 to support this project and ensure I get myself a one of these sweet signed limited edition CD box sets. Go check out all the details yourself by visiting the Kickstarter page and donate for the cause of epic music goodness!

- Brian

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