What’s In Your Summer Shame Pile?

Summer time is upon us, which for many means it’s time to be cut free of obligations and spend some much needed free time playing video games. The summer season has traditionally been a dead zone for major game releases, so a lot of people like myself spend their time catching up on some games from the last couple years, trying to cross a few off of the backlog. I’ve been working on my own personal summer pile of shame, hoping to tear through some games that have been looming over my head for the last few months. I missed a bunch of games last year, and I have a long summer ahead of me if I plan to tackle some of these longer PS2 JRPGs that I’ve let pile up. Read on after the jump to see what some of Substance TV’s writers are planning to play over the summer!

My own personal pile is a mess of Shin Megami Tensei titles, other long form JRPGs, and a smattering of games I’ve been meaning to play for a long time. I’ve been itching to play through Shadows of the Damned, and I’ve never finished Metal Gear Solid 2 or 3, and I’ve never played MGS4 at all. I’ve been saving Xenoblade Chronicles for just this moment, and some of these games I’ve already dedicated some time to. It’s just a matter of finishing them. I’ve clocked 30 hours into Persona 4, and about 15 hours into Persona 3. I’m ready to cross those off of my list by the end of the summer. My Steam pile is even worse, giving me a terrible hillock of games from last year that I’ve been waiting for the right time to get to. I’m currently playing Batman: Arkham City, and I’m hoping to have it and something else crossed off of this list by the end of the week.

- Brandon

How about the others? What’s in their summer shame piles?



I have actually done okay keeping up with the must play games of the last year. Even my save in Red Dead Redemption is fairly close to the end. So I am instead focusing on those few must play titles that I have either missed or only played a little bit in. So my stack has a little bit of everything. I am trying to keep my goals realistic as I imagine most of my time will be taken up by Diablo III.

Sorry for the dark pic. The SNES game is E.V.O. which I am sure I have played through in the past, but I can’t remember the end of it for the life of me. The Famicom title is Konami Wai Wai World. I have played through the second one many times, but the first one is a metroid style game that will require a bit more patience. If only watching the Kacho beat it counted.



I have to admit I’ve been pretty bad when it comes to my backlog of games. There’s just been too much good stuff coming out and too much old stuff I’ve wanted to play. I got into Zelda Skyward Sword about a good 12 hours, but as it always is other games came up and it got left in the dust which is sad as it’s one of the best games of last year. Though one of the games I am yet to even get past the intro movie and play is Final Fantasy XII. I have gotten the chance to play a few minutes of it at a friends house, but never actually played it myself on my own console. It’s a phenomenal game, but yet another game that’s fallen by the wayside.

Then there’s my most recent and shameful backlogged game, Xenoblade. A game I purchased because I knew I wanted to play it even though I had no time. There is sits on my shelf still in the shrink wrap. So not only have I not played it, it’s not even been unwrapped. Oh and the list goes on and on, but listing them all would merely be an exercise in futility. Thankfully with the release of new games slowing down in the next few months, I’ll have some time to catch up on my boat load of backlog.


We here at Substance TV want to know: What’s in your summer shame piles? We showed you ours, now show us yours!


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